Gaza, what happens ؟


This is for you, you click here to search in the Internet from the Gaza Strip and the tragedy of being rather than to say that the massacres and carnage.
My dear friend, “you saw what happened in Gaza, the injustice of humanity and the oppression of children, the elderly and women, I think you saw on the screen, the horror scene created by israel in our land, but honestly Move Is that something you even on humanitarian grounds for those children who are still being killed every day Zionist war machine from the shells and rockets, or least “bullets

I hope that is not a simple matter for you, the child who was shot by an Israeli soldier deliberately shot three times in the chest and immediately cited the impact, what are you doing  if he is your son or your brother or even your neighbor.
How do you feel if it were not related Links Will also idly?c

What is your response if your family is the family that their house was destroyed over their heads and all of them died?
How do you feel if you saw your friend bleeding to your eye and can not provide assistance because there are soldiers shooting to kill every person close to him

My dear friend, the case for war in Gaza is not what it says by  israel as to prevent the launching of rockets from Gaza, the launching of rockets with a legitimate right for us because we are a people under occupation and the right to resist the occupier, which robbed us of our lands and our homes, but to break the will of the people who chose to sponsor the Government resistance, backed by Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, Israeli wanted to spend on something called the resistance in Palestine to establish its presence, but failed and will fail in its attempts losers

So you have to understand well, my dear, what promoted the Israeli occupation of the arguments is not true, as evidenced by the fact that most of the victims are children, women and civilians in general. Are these also were firing rockets?c

If we want to talk about Gaza, the talk of war will be long, but I hope you do have a position for those innocent people who have the right to survival and the right of resistance and to defend themselves
you do not believe that the right of these children to celebrate the New Year fireworks, such as the children of the world ?, instead of celebrating the launch of Israel to kill the deadly white phosphorus against civilians ?c



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